Workshops in small groups (2-3 participants) for composers, musicians and beginners in Max/MSP

The 3-day workshops are aimed at professional composers and performers as well as interested beginners. The participants are put together in groups with similar prior knowledge. They take place in a beautiful, bright recording studio with professional equipment in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg. A workshop module (see below) consists of 3 consecutive days. In addition to concentrated work together, there are breaks for relaxation, food and drinks.

Who is the workshop designed for?
For anyone who is curious to expand their thinking and understanding when listening to and playing digital music by programming in MaxMSP, who likes to learn new things and is keen to be creative.

Who is the workshop rather not designed for?
For anyone who is not interested in developing a personal approach to digital music and expanding their thinking, who needs quick results and wants to work with ready-made patches in the workshop, who is not interested in developing their own language in MaxMSP.

Workshop module 1
for beginners who have never programmed with Max/MSP before (2 to 3 participants, 3 days)

This workshop is for beginners who are interested in a creative and individual approach to music and programming. In parallel with the introduction to Max/MSP, underlying mechanisms of digital audio will be explained. In this way, musical parameters can be translated from instrumental music, which is often already familiar, into digital language. Based on this, components of Max/MSP will be explained and first patches (programs in Max) will be written.
You are welcome to bring your instruments and bring your interests or current projects to the course. Please contact me in time to make arrangements.

Workshop module 2
for beginners who have first experience with Max/MSP (2 to 3 participants, 3 days)

Starting with the introduction or repetition of basic mechanisms of programming with Max/MSP, the sounds of voices, objects, instruments and sound generators will be controlled live, composed using random operations and much more. You are welcome to bring your instruments and discuss your interests or current projects in the course. Please contact me in time to arrange the topics.


Course Dates

The workshop takes place on 3 consecutive days by arrangement in Berlin/ Prenzlauer Berg.
Day 1: 4 p.m. course start, in the evening a dinner together
Day 2: 10 am – 1 pm, lunch break by arrangement, 2 pm – 6 pm
Day 3: 10-13/14 hrs, lunch break, end of course | by arrangement one additional hour to answer last questions possible

The times can also be changed and adapted slightly after mutual agreement.

Registration fee

Workshop with 2 participants:
300€/ person (a reduction of 50€ is possible for participants from outside Berlin who need to book accommodation)

Workshop with 3 participants:
230€/ person (a reduction of 30€ for participants outside Berlin who need to book accommodation is possible)

Why is the workshop more expensive than other group workshops?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to get creative with MaxMSP and use programming to expand their own potential and understanding of digital music.
To make this possible, it is limited to a small number of participants and structured in such a way that instead of following prepared concepts “without consideration”, it responds to precisely these participants and their way of thinking. At the end, all participants will have their own access to the programming language and its possibilities and will understand what has been covered.

The workshop is self-financed without public funding or institutions and can therefore take place in this flexible and individualized form with a small number of participants. It is thus more expensive than a workshop with many participants, which often cannot conceptually address the questions, creative approaches and understanding of each individual.


By mail and following telephone contact for arrangement3


Feedback from participants

„The whole world is a patch 🙂 For my new composition, I am finally learning MAX/MSP and I am very happy to have started doing this with Annette Krebs in her workshop! We had three joyful, intense and inspiring days with Annette, who taught us a lot and took really good care of us. Thank you!“

„Es hat riesig Spaß gemacht und war sehr inspirierend, vielen Dank nochmal dafür!“