past workshops and projects in- and outside of Berlin

In this workshop you will make new sound experiences. Through attentive listening or microphonic amplification, sounds can be magnified as through a microscope. Kaleidoscope-like they unfold a richness of color, structure and beauty. I would like to share my experience of hearing them, feeling them and using them as a source of inspiration. After the workshop you will hear and perceive the sounds of the environment and other sounds in a different way.
First we will go on a sound walk through Prenzlauer Berg to hear and get to know the sounds of the city in a new way. Afterwards I will introduce you to very quiet, almost inaudible sounds in my recording studio. I will introduce you to the technique of “massage sonore”, where the sound of selected objects can become music by touching and moving them in a special way.
Then we will amplify soft sounds in the recording studio through various microphones, as if through a microscope, so that they can be easily heard through loudspeakers. I will show you techniques to find, edit and create new sounds.
The workshop is designed for professional artists as well as for open-minded and listening-adventurous people.


› 3-hour workshop for one to three participants
› Date and time: by individual arrangement
› Language by arrangement: German, English, French


No previous musical knowledge is necessary


– Private: single participant or small group of up to 3 people – flexible dates (request by email, details by phone)
– Via Airbnb Experiences


  • “The experience with Annette opened my heart to the sounds of the city to mind harmony within. It took me on a trip from the outside to the inside. In her studio, the fascination of sound that we built up during our walk was applied to a mutual composition and was very fun. Highly recommended!” (Sean)

  • “A truly unique experience. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and highly recommend!” (Tony)

  • “Ganz toller Workshop, sowohl mit (Sound-)Vorwissen als auch ohne. Klang auf vielen Ebenen erleben und bewusst machen, auf ganz schöne persönliche Art. Unbedingte Empfehlung!” (Jana)

  • “Den Helmholtzplatz im Rahmen eines Klangspaziergangs zu entdecken war sehr inspirierend und aufregend. Ich wurde in eine ganz neue Welt entführt, die eigentlich schon immer da war, aber erst durch Annette wurden mir hierfür die Ohren geöffnet 🙂 ” (Svenja)
  • “Der Workshop mit Annette hat unglaublich viel Spaß gemacht! Sie war offen, herzlich, und hat mir mit dem Thema einen neuen Blick auf meine Umwelt gegeben. In ihrem Studio hatte sie Apfelkuchen gebacken (sehr lecker!) und beim Improvisieren habe ich neue Impulse für meine eigene Arbeit gefunden. ” (Therese)

  • “Mrs’ Krebs Workshop provides a unique experience which is both instructive and enjoyable. She has clear, original, interesting ideas and an ability to share them, all while keeping flexible and open to other people’s suggestions and questions. She also was so kind to change and adapt her regularr workshop time schedule to my personal need at requiest. Mrs. Krebs, a widely renowned sound artist and also a longtime resident of Berlin, is really knowledgeable about the unique acoustic qualities of the streets and parks of Prenzlauer Berg surrounding the Helmholzplatz. She took me to a soundwalk through a series of stations, stopping at seemingly unimpressive spots which normally would get unnoticed by the usual tourist crowds and tour guides, but which revealed an enormous richness of sound events, textures and other sensorial qualities and layers. With Mrs. Kreb’s help, I learned to experience a city stroll as a series of sound compositions which you can model and change at your own will. That really helped me to open my ear, sight and other senses, as well as to appreciate the feel of my own embodiedness. On the second and final part of the workshop, inside Mrs’ Krebs sound-art atelier, I learned about approaches and techniques such as “sound massage” or “spectral granular synthesis”, and I enjoyed the experience of playing one of her unique sound-sculpture pieces. All in all, a fantastic experience which those willing to explore out of the beaten track shouldn’t miss.” (David)