Mikroklang is a project by Annette Krebs.

She has been researching new sounds and playing techniques for many years. To this purpose, she develops special setups and instruments in which sounds are “microscoped”, microphonically highly amplified, and further processed both analogue and digitally.
Website: www.annettekrebs.eu

She has been giving music and sound lessons and workshops in and outside Europe since 30 years.

She has recorded, mixed and mastered numerous CDs.
In doing so, a natural, genuine approach is important to her, which is not oriented towards current trends in compression (all sounds on the CD have to be rather loud, and also sound good over mobile phones), but rather towards the clear reproduction, sensuality and beauty of each individual sound in the mix.
Her productions have been highlighted and reviewed several times in The Wire – Adventures in Sound and Music magazine and reached the “top 50 records of the year” (e.g. Motubachii (collaboration with Taku Unami) / Erstwhile 2010).

She regularly gives sound workshops that span an arc from the sensitisation of auditory mindfulness to the practice of electro-acoustic music.

In addition, she gives improvisation workshops, lessons and mentoring in live electronics and much more.

Past workshops, selection:

  • SoundOut Festival 2020 | Festival Workshop |Canberra (AU) 2020
  • Sounding Together Workshop (Jim Denley & Annette Krebs) | Perth (AU) 2020
  • Workshop and artist talk | Audio Foundation | Auckland (NS) 2020
  • Conference and workshop |Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne |Rennes(FR) 2017
  • Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro Monteaudio16 | Workshop and talk | Montevideo 2016
  • Universidad de Los Andes, Departamento de Arte | Sound-improvisation-workshop | Bogotá 2016
  • SARC- Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University | Workshop: approaches, questions, aims and experiences in electroacoustic music, research and performance | Belfast 2015
  • Notam- Norwegian center for technology in music and the arts | Workshop: approaches, questions, aims and experiences in electroacoustic music, research and performance | Oslo 2014
  • Janácek Academy of Music and Performing Arts/ International conference MUSICA |Conference, Lecture, Workshop |Brno (CZ) 2011
  • School of the Chicago Art Institute SAIC/ Department of Sound |Colloquium | Chicago 2008
  • Namless Sound | Workshops | Houston 2008, 2004
  • Datenklang-Schule für Sounddesign und audiovisuelle Technik | Workshops | Berlin 2006
Sound-Workshop, Conservatoire De Rennes, FR