Within the Mikroklang project, Annette Krebs gives lessons, workshops and project support in live electronics, computer music (MaxMSP), acoustic mindfulness, improvisation and experimental composition. One focus of her teaching is to support musicians, composers and artists in finding and developing their own musical listening visions and forms of expression. Her teaching techniques include experimental composition and improvisation.
 She supports the development of individual electroacoustic instruments and setups in which sound is transformed through analog amplification and analog or digital processing. She gives workshops in and outside Europe and holds private lessons for individuals and small groups in Berlin and online. Since 2024 she is a guest professor at the UDK/ Berlin Career College in the Master’s program Sound Studies and Sonic Arts.

References (selection)

Since 2021
Teaching, mentoring, technical and artistic consulting for musicians and composers, e.g.

  • Steffi Weismann (support and programming in Max/MSP of a 4-channel composition for the ensemble Maulwerker)
  • Han-earl Park (Consulting)
  • Fiona Sheil, Baptiste Moulin, Helen Papaioannou, Janine Eisenächer (MaxMSP )

Until 2020
Workshops and lectures (selection):

  • SoundOut Festival 2020 | Festival Workshop |Canberra (AU) 2020
  • Sounding Together Workshop (Jim Denley & Annette Krebs) | Perth (AU) 2020
  • Workshop and artist talk | Audio Foundation | Auckland (NS) 2020
  • Conference and workshop |Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne |Rennes(FR) 2017
  • Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro Monteaudio16 | Workshop and talk | Montevideo 2016
  • Universidad de Los Andes, Departamento de Arte | Sound-improvisation-workshop | Bogotá 2016
  • SARC- Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University | Workshop: approaches, questions, aims and experiences in electroacoustic music, research and performance | Belfast 2015
  • Notam- Norwegian center for technology in music and the arts | Workshop: approaches, questions, aims and experiences in electroacoustic music, research and performance | Oslo 2014
  • Janácek Academy of Music and Performing Arts/ International conference MUSICA |Conference, Lecture, Workshop |Brno (CZ) 2011
  • School of the Chicago Art Institute SAIC/ Department of Sound |Colloquium | Chicago 2008
  • Namless Sound | Workshops | Houston 2008, 2004
  • Datenklang-Schule für Sounddesign und audiovisuelle Technik | Workshops | Berlin 2006
Sound-Workshop, Conservatoire De Rennes, FR